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Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA

Since its establishment, I believe that IPA is one of the finest brands that they have produced. I personally used East Coast IPA in 2008. Its taste made me move from bar to bar to find it where it was readily available. Smuttynose says that IPA has been made with classic recipe which is absolutely correct. Despite coming with 74IUBS, it shouldn’t scare you since you will find some sweetness in it.

Lindeman’s Framboise

If you are looking for a juicy-taste drink Lambic offers you the taste that you crave for. Though a lot of people don’t prefer fruit beers, Lambics are ideal for guys who don’t like beer. Lindeman’s Framboise is a beer from Germany which is usually low on alcohol and tasteful. With 2.5% alcohol, it gives you a taste that you have been craving for.

Oskar Blues Old Chub

One sip of Oskar Blues Old Chub will absolutely make you fall in love with it. I have been a victim of the brand and it made me shift from places to places to explore the best of it. It is a strong beer with a percentage of 8.0 ABV. It has a sexy and smoky mouthfeel. It’s ideal since it pairs well with cigars. This being my favourite beer, it is very enjoyable and too real.

Yuengling light lager

Yuengling products are tasty weightless beers. Researches indicates that some beers can cause weight gain. This is not the case with Yuengling light lager. If you are lucky enough to be in near place where the brand is distributed, you have an opportunity to experience the delicious lightweight beer.

The special attribute with this bear is its lightweight version containing only 99 calories. This is different from other large beers that contain up to 110-112 calories. In addition, with Yuengling light lager beer, you can drink several cans without being a complete mess.

Your local beer

I can bet that there is a brewing company making its brand within 25-30 miles from where you live. Those are the brands that you should be turning to because they are tasty and fresh. Scientific results indicate that fresh bears are tastier than the stored ones. This is because parameters such as light exposure, storage time, and temperature have a key impact on the taste of the beer.

Clausthaler NA Dry Hopped

To be clear, NA represents non-alcoholic. This does not limit its usage since a lot of guys look for tasty non-alcoholic drinks. This is a perfect for guys who crave for taste but are allergic to alcoholic stuff. A lot of people are now realizing that they can enjoy the brand without buzz.

Kona Brewing Big Wave golden ale

The brew is ideal for guys who like fruity brands. Though the brand is not a fruit heavy brand, it is a good brand for everyone

Abita Purple Haze

This is an ideal brand due to its raspberry and wheat-like flavour. It has 4.2% ABV meaning that you can use a few cans before you get too loaded.

8 Drinks to Avoid

  1. Guinness Nitro IPA – if you are craving for an IPA taste, this brand won’t satisfy your needs.
  2. Wild Blue – the beer is widely thick and sweet. Because of its sweetness, the alcohol part is largely hidden. The brand has a lot of hangovers such that you won’t use it again.
  3. Samuel Adams Scotch ale – this brand has been struggling a lot to remain relevant in the market. The setback with this beer is that it is very difficult for you to find a balance between smoky and sweet.
  4. Michelob Ultra – though the beer has less calories, it does not have a beer flavour.
  5. Heineken – the major drawback with this brand is that it tastes so bad.
  6. Rolling Rock – despite being in the market for over 2 decades, it does not give a pale ale taste.
  7. Cat’s Away IPA – the problem with this brand is that it has an awful taste.
  8. Shipyard Export ale – the brand does not give the user a good pleasure

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