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Do you have bad habits, fears, pain or a yearning to be successful? Would you like to get rid of negatives and attain positive attitude in your life? Learning how to hypnotize yourself holds the key to all the questions above. Some people would like to hypnotize others, maybe for their own good, but then the secret to self-redemption lies on learning and understanding how to hypnotize yourself. For those who would like to “brainwash” other individuals so that they can dance to the rhythm and later release their hidden agenda of dominating the world should at first learn how to hypnotize themselves so that they can have self-domination, which would conceal this type of thinking.

That being said, you can’t hypnotize individuals and take control of their minds, but you can hypnotize someone to do what you are doing. However, hypnotizing the world for personal gains is an intolerable act.

10 Easy Steps to Hypnotizing Yourself

1. Choose a serene, friendly, and accessible place where you can comfortably visit often. This option ensures that you synchronize well with the surrounding and that you will be comfortable losing yourself during the session without worries of being disturbed. If your garden is quiet and calm, use it, but if you think that your neighbor will be peeping on you while on it, find somewhere else as during the process, you will be thinking about Jeremy gazing at your unusual behavior.

2. Sit upright with your legs crossed. Ensure you are comfortable in this posture. Feel the free flow of blood and nerves all over your body parts. You can also lie down, but be sure not to fall asleep in the process. Be comfortable, relax and sit in a posture that will assist your mind to connect with your body.

3. Decide how long the hypnotizing session will last. Ensure that the time is enough to let yourself be absorbed in your thinking. Don’t prolong the session as you will start thinking irrelevant things. Also, don’t let it be too short as you will not get the expected mind-nourishing results. You can set your timer for approximately 10 minutes, and since your mind is a powerful tool, at the set time, your mind will awaken.

4. Focus on one object and stare at it directing all your concentration towards the object. Keep your head in position and don’t elevate nor depreciate as doing so will make your body uncomfortable.

5. Slowly, take deep breaths at intervals from the stomach. Feel the inhalation and exhalation process and let it capture your thoughts. Deep breaths relax your mind and increase the oxygen levels in the brain enhancing your concentration abilities. While doing this, you can feel your eyelids getting heavier with each breath. Allow your emotions to synchronize with the breath.

6. Let your eyes close and don’t stop breathing. You can now feel the tension leaving your body. Your body is now in line, and the body parts are relaxing and are entirely controlled by the mind. Feel the tension leave your body from the toes, legs, waist, back, shoulders, and head. You can feel your ears stretch and relax.

7. Imagine yourself standing at the epitome of a long staircase with a series of stairs going up. Imagine your happiness lies at the bottom, and you can only get to it as you comfortably scale down the stairs. Assume that for every staircase you leave behind, it is a problem solved.

8. When you get to the point where the stairs end, imagine you are now free of all bad habits, fears, and that you are already clinching the success you ever admire to have.

9. After feeling that you have successfully achieved your goal, tell yourself that you are going to do a countdown slowly. This brings you back to reality in slow motion.

10. Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Take your time and enjoy the moment. Feel the wind and the chill as you collect your thoughts. Appreciate yourself and let the happy emotions take over. If a new idea passed your mind during the session, note it down.

There are some things you may have heard and may have made you fear to take a hypnotizing session. Hypnotizing is the same as daydreaming just that hypnotizing requires controlled conditions. When hypnotizing you can feel whatever is going around just that you chose not to be disturbed by them. It is a natural state of mind, and you cannot lose yourself while in it.

You can now hypnotize yourself and feel the pleasures and benefits retrieved from it. When hypnotizing, no boundaries and mental territories that cannot be crossed.

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